Here is a list of the selected projects that Atinea has undertaken during last 2 years:

Videoconferencing System

The goal of the project was to create a videoconferencing application that could work in web browsers without the need for installing any additional plugins by the user. The system allows free audio/video communication for up to 10 simultaneous users. Additionally it has the following collaboration features:

  • public and private chats,
  • files uploading and downloading,
  • private audio conversations,
  • presentations viewing (PowerPoint, PDF, DOC, images),
  • voting – open or confidential,
  • meeting summary sent as PDF document.

The project has been completed in 9 months and from July 2009 the application is being sold.

The following technologies were used in the project:

  • Flash / FLEX – videoconferencing application embedded in a web browser,
  • PHP – administration panel,
  • Adobe Flash Media Server, Wowza Media Server, Red5 – audio/video streaming servers,
  • Java – server-side application for handling meetings,
  • dedicated application for converting PowerPoint, PDF, DOC documents into images,
  • dynamic generating PDF files from a template.

Forms Scanning and Recognition Application

This application was ordered by an educational company with 1,500 centers and 250,000 students in North America. The application is scanning (with an office scanner) and analyzing forms consisting of 500 check-mark fields on a single page (letter size). Each form contains additional information printed as 2D barcode. The application recognizes marked fields and a barcode and sends acquired data to a customer's system.

The main technological challenge in the project was to create an engine to recognize the marked fields. Commercially available components weren't capable of recognition of so many fields in a form – they worked much to slow and were giving incorrect results. Because of that it was necessary to create a dedicated solution optimized for a specific form.

The following technologies were used in the project:

  • user application – C#,
  • scanner handler – C++ and WinAPI,
  • dedicated engine for forms recognitions,
  • open-source 2D barcodes recognition library,
  • commercial text recognition (OCR) library,
  • communication with the customer's system – WebServices.

Scores Collecting Application for iPhone

The application was ordered by an educational company with 1,500 centers and 250,000 students in North America. It is used for collecting  student test scores. It is working on iPhone and iPod Touch. 

An important requirement for the application was the speed of entering the data. Its UI was highly optimized to meet this requirement. As a result the user can enter a score of a test of a student with a few taps on the screen, without having to type anything with a virtual keyboard.

The following technologies were used in the project:

  • clent-side – HTML for Mobile Safari, iUI library,
  • server-side – PHP + MS SQL.

Game for a Nokia Touch Mobile

The game is based on Tower Defense genre and is designed for Nokia Symbian S60v5 touch mobiles (5800XM, N97). It is written in Flash Lite 3.1. Once completed it will be sold via Nokia Ovi Store.

Former Projects

Before founding Atinea we were working as managers of the following projects:

WYSIWYG Reporting System

The development of the system started as a R&D project and after first working release has been successfully deployed in many business projects. The main part of the project took about 3 years of work of 30 developers. The source code of the final application had over 1.5 millions lines and could compile both as a Pure Java and Managed .NET applications. In 2007 the system has been awarded as the most innovative reporting application for SME by a German organization.

Workflow System

The system was addressed for public administration and its goal was to enable a paper-less offices. It has been implemented by 10 developers in 6 months and was successfully deployed in a few public offices – 2 of them had about 1000 users.